The deputy for parliamentary laws considered the approval of the protection plan contrary to the bylaws and invalid

معاونت قوانین مجلس تصویب طرح صیانت را خلاف آیین‌نامه و باطل دانست

Deputy of Parliamentary Laws by sending a letter to the Chairman of the Joint Commission, voting Today the commission will approve the conservation plan Contrary to the regulations Parliament knew. Accordingly, the recent resolution cannot be the basis for subsequent meetings of the Joint Commission Protection plan To be placed.

This afternoon 19 members of the Joint Commission to New version of the protection plan They voted in favor of the so-called “cyberspace services regulatory system.” But, as expected, today’s vote was called a violation of the House Rules of Procedure.

“Seyyed Behzad Poursaid”, the Deputy Speaker of the Islamic Consultative Assembly, while sending a letter to the Chairman of the Joint Commission, said that the voting of the commission was against the rules of procedure of the Assembly.

According to the previous agreement, the joint commission should Jurisdiction of the High Council of Cyberspace Is supposed to extract and, following approval by the Supreme Council, approve the required materials that are in the legislative competence of the parliament; But according to the vote in the commission and the approval of the plan in general, this issue Not realized Is.

Also, the commission should proceed with the review of the plan like a court, therefore After the general approval of the initial planThe commission authorized to Apply corrections will be. However, in this regard, the internal regulations have not been observed and a different text that has not been uploaded on the system of laws has been voted on.

According to the legal deputy of the parliament, the only solution was to change the text for a general vote, apply Article 142 of the Rules of Procedure and refer the project to the research center, which the commission did not use for any reason. Therefore, in the general voting of the protection plan, the law of the internal regulations of the parliament has not been observed.

In the continuation of this letter, there is a legal problem for the commission to continue its activities, because due to the non-observance of the internal regulations of the parliament, the recent resolution of the joint commission is different from the referral plan and cannot be uploaded in the parliamentary system; Therefore, it can not be the basis of the commission’s investigation.

Finally, the board of the joint commission was asked to take steps to resolve this issue so that the commission can continue its investigation.

The Deputy Speaker of the Islamic Consultative Assembly has also announced his readiness that he and his colleagues will be at the disposal of the Commission to provide advice on such cases in order to follow the legal process in the plans and bills and to observe the laws.

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