The Deputy Minister of Health announced: Identification of vaccines with the intelligent Corona management system

معاون وزارت بهداشت اعلام کرد: شناسایی واکسن‌نزده‌ها با سامانه هوشمند مدیریت کرونا

The Deputy Minister of Health, stating that the Ministry of Interior has launched the intelligent Corona management system, announced the start of the national implementation of the Corona intelligent management plan within the next two weeks.

“Kamal Heydari” told ISNA about the intelligent Corona management system: “In this system, which has been launched by the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Health will upload patient information and laboratory results, and its information can be used by private and government agencies to “People who have not been vaccinated or are sick should be identified so that we can intelligently block the movement of people with coronary artery disease and those who have not been vaccinated.”

Implementation of a pilot to identify patients in three cities

He informed that currently in three cities of Qazvin, West Azerbaijan and Kurdistan, the pilot project has been implemented to get acquainted with the possible shortcomings and shortcomings. “In this way, we can solve the problems within the next two weeks when we are going to implement this plan at the national level,” he said.

“By increasing people’s participation in the self-expression of coronary heart disease, we can manage the health of traffic in public places so that both social activities and “Prevent sick people from entering gatherings and public places.”

According to Heydari, Corona’s intelligent management system is mostly focused on guilds, buying travel tickets, and so on.

He also said yesterday about some news about the beginning of the sixth wave in Iran: “From the global point of view, a new wave has started and in Iran the situation is still declining and the sixth wave has not started, but the situation is fragile, but this is not a reason for negligence. “We have, and if normalized, there is a possibility of experiencing the sixth wave early.”

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