The desktop version of Chrome made it easier to use Google Lens with a new panel

نسخه دسکتاپ کروم استفاده از گوگل لنز را با یک پنل جدید ساده‌تر کرد

Google Lens One of the most powerful image recognition tools, Chrome Desktop has now undergone changes that make it easier to use.

It used to be a bit difficult to use Google Lens before, because searches and results were usually displayed on another page. However, the situation is no longer the same Chrome browser You can display information about Google Lens in a dedicated panel on the right that will be similar to the bookmark panel.

Thus, when the user right-clicks on the desired image, the option Search image with Google Lens Instead of a new tab, it opens a new panel and displays the desired information to the user.

Of course, Google Lens has long been available as software on mobile phones, and even the cameras of some smartphones have hardware support for this feature. But when the tool was introduced to desktop computers last year with the Chrome browser, it was still a bit hard to use, something that seems to be gone now.

Google Lens on Chrome Desktop

It should be noted that Google Lens is designed to detect the image of everything from buildings and animals to clothing, plants and artwork. This software actually provides users with a more visual search method.

However, despite many promises from manufacturers, the Google Lens is often like a decorative item that Google is trying to turn into a useful tool. This may be possible with the direct access created in the Chrome browser and lead to the flourishing of the potential of this software.

Finally, it should be noted that the ability to use this tool in the Chrome browser is now available and for information on how to access it you can Google Support Page See.

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