The developers of gloves and smart scanners won the James Dyson Prize

توسعه دهندگان دستکش و اسکنر هوشمند برندگان جایزه جیمز دایسون شدند

Intelligent gloves that can detect glaucoma, along with a smart scanner that helps recycle plastic bottles, from Winners of this year’s James Dyson International Award They were. The award is usually given to a creative student, but this year the institute jointly awarded the award to three groups.

The student who developed the “black water glove” said he made the invention inspired by his father’s illness. Kelu You, along with two other students at the National University of Singapore, came up with a way to monitor the intraocular pressure that is more accessible and easier for the patient to tolerate.

Glaucoma is the second leading cause of blindness in the world, affecting only 500,000 people in the UK. There is no definitive cure for this disease, but if diagnosed early, it can be treated and prevented from being blind.

The students created a sensor called a “Hopes” that is attached to the tip of one of the glove’s fingers and can measure eyeball pressure by pressing on the eye. The sensor transmits its data via Bluetooth to the patient’s phone and uploads it to the app created by the students so that the treating physician can access it.

The “sustainability” section of the award was awarded to students at Delph University of Technology who developed a small device that can detect plastic used in a plastic bottle. This can help determine if these plastics are recyclable and prevent them from reaching the landfill in nature.

This device has an infrared sensor that can detect the desired plastic composition. Students have also been inspired by a personal experience to develop this device. One of the members of this group works for an organization whose main goal is to reduce waste. He found that the main problem arises when plastics are not properly classified and misplaced.

The third prize went to Joseph Bentley of Loughborough University, who with his active emergency tamponade device can prevent heavy bleeding from deep wounds. This device can do this by opening a silicone balloon and save many lives.

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