The digital cruise ship sold for $ 650,000 at Metavars

کشتی تفریحی دیجیتالی با قیمت ۶۵۰ هزار دلار در متاورس فروخته شد

For $ 149 Atrium, about $ 650,000, a person bought an unrealistic, virtual yacht on the Sandbox Metavars platform, but can never physically set foot on it, and is an NFT digital asset.

Last week, a digital plot of land in the Decentraland online and virtual environment was sold for $ 2.43 million in digital currency, which is to be used as a virtual shopping mall in the future, and now a luxury cruise ship is for sale. it is arrived.

This cruise ship Named The Metaflower Super Mega Yacht, it has a sophisticated design and is currently the most expensive NFT asset of the Sandbox Metavars platform.

The yacht is designed like a four-story hotel and has many facilities. On different floors, there are suitable spaces for relaxation and it is equipped with Jacuzzi, playground and good amenities. There are also two helicopter platforms for this digital ship. Helicopters that do not exist at all and are just like this digital yacht are to be sold separately.

1638261891 382 The digital cruise ship sold for 650000 at Metavars The digital cruise ship sold for $ 650,000 at Metavars 2

The cruise ship is one of the luxury assets of the NFT and has the facilities of a luxury cruise ship including jet skis, speedboats and good recreational facilities. Although the buyer of this ship can never enjoy having such a ship in the physical world, he has decided to pay such a sum for owning it.

Due to the fact that the yacht does not exist externally, it does not have the cost of maintenance and repairs. One of the topics that has caught the attention of some in Metavars is who buys the helicopters for this yacht and what plans the owner has for using this digital ship. It is even said that the shipowner might want to invite his friends to the ship. However, this ship is the most expensive digital asset of the Metavars sandbox, and the buyer has planned to buy it.

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