The drop in sales of the AirPad forced Apple to cut production

The drop in sales of the AirPad forced Apple to cut production

Apple is reducing the production of these wireless headphones by 25 to 40 percent due to the decline in sales of the AirPad. Reports of increased competition in the market have reportedly reduced the purchase of the AirPad. Apple is expected to produce a total of about 85 million AirPads this year.

According to the website Nikkei Asia And according to sources familiar with Apple’s production plans, the tech giant will now produce about 75 to 85 million AirPads for the year alone. The company previously planned to build about 110 million AirPads by the end of 2021.

The highest demand for AirPad production falls in the second quarter and the beginning of the third quarter of the year. There are now a large number of AirPads in Apple’s warehouses, and demand for them is not as high as expected. Unfortunately, this report does not say which version of the AirPod will see a drop in production. Apple currently has the regular second-generation AirPod, the $ 550 AirPad Pro and the $ 550 AirPad Max on display. The first two products will probably be updated with new versions this year, and Apple hopes that this could increase their sales.

Apple updated most of its products by the end of 2020, including the iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch, but we did not see a new version of the AirPad series, which has always been one of the best-selling wireless earphones on the market since its first release.

Earlier reports said the company was working on a third-generation AirPad. This product will look like the AirPad Pro, but will be offered without the “active noise cancellation” feature. Ming-Chi Koo, a well-known Apple product analyst, had previously said that production of the new AirPad would begin in the third quarter of 2021. Now we have to wait and see when Apple will finally introduce this device.

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