The DxOMark website has launched a review of smartphone battery performance

وب‌سایت DxOMark بررسی عملکرد باتری گوشی‌های هوشمند را آغاز کرد

French company DxOMark has launched a new section on its website, this time to charge mobile phones based on their charge, efficiency and performance. Rank. For this rating, the company has set up new laboratories to measure the performance of products on a daily basis. In these labs, Faraday Room and Network Simulator can simulate the daily behavior of mobile phones, and based on that, DxOMark rates each phone’s battery.

The DxOMark website says that these points are given by considering 100 parameters and more than 150 hours of performance of each mobile phone. The following are the most important parameters that are examined in laboratories:

  • Autonomy: Battery range – When the battery is turned on with each charge.
  • Charging: Battery charging speed – Battery charging speed from zero to 80% – How long it takes for the phone to stop charging after the battery is full.
  • Performance: Consider charging and battery performance when using mobile

The company also takes into account the difference between the actual amount of mobile battery and what is shown in the user interface, and the final score will be as follows:

With the launch of this new section on the website, DxOMark has so far released a rating of 17 devices. The Samsung Galaxy M51 battery with a capacity of 7000 mAh is ranked first in the table and Vico Power U30 with a capacity of 6000 mAh is ranked second.

The DxOMark website has launched a review of smartphone battery The DxOMark website has launched a review of smartphone battery performance 2

But this is not just about very high capacity batteries. The Oppo Find X3 Neo ranks third for its extremely fast charging speed, and the iPhone 12 Pro Max ranks fourth for its outstanding performance.

DxOMark used to be known for its camera reviews, but in recent years it has also added screen reviews and mobile speaker sound quality to its divisions, and now with the addition of battery points, any user can make a clear summary before purchasing their device.

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