The earth will lose its second moon forever in the near future

The earth will lose its second moon forever in the near future

Late last year, researchers identified an object called SO 2020, which they believe was the second Earth moon in orbit around our planet. This object, also known as the “little moon”, will orbit the Earth in the near future Leaves And moves to another point in space.

The second moon was first identified in September 2020, near Earth. Astronomers initially thought they were facing an asteroid, but it was a little high and about half the distance from Earth to our real moon.

Controversy continued over the object, with most astronomers calling it an artificial object in nature. Observations of the object began with tools such as the IRTF, and NASA eventually announced that the object was in fact a rocket booster from the 1960s. Researchers at the time were able to match the composition of the object to a booster from the 1970s.

On 11 Azar, this object was placed at the closest distance to the earth and has been affected by the earth’s gravity ever since. However, in the near future, it will be released and placed in a new orbit around the sun.

This object will approach Earth for the last time tomorrow and its altitude from our planet will reach 225,000 kilometers. In less than two months, however, it will be released from Earth’s gravity and move into another orbit around the Sun. Therefore, this artificial object, which was named the second month or the small moon, will no longer be around the earth in the near future.

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