The effective role of Nvidia GPUs in the production of Batman and Avatar 2 movies

The effective role of Nvidia GPUs in the production of Batman and Avatar 2 movies

It seems that many major movie studios are using Nvidia GPUs to produce visual effects for their movies.

Next week, the 95th Oscars will be held on Sunday (March 12). Big movies compete with each other in the field of special effects; Movies such as “All Quiet On the Western Front”, “The Batman”, “Top Gun: Maverick”, “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” Panther: Wakanda Forever) and “Avatar 2” (Avatar 2). Now, according to new reports, all five films are set to develop their special effects department from RTX model graphics processors They used “Nvidia”.

Nvidia GPUs in video production

The effective role of Nvidia GPUs in the production of many Oscar-nominated films

Over the past fifteen years, Nvidia’s technologies and advancements have helped produce many films that have been nominated for best special effects at events like the Oscars. Nvidia technologies such as Real Time Ray-Tracing, artificial intelligence simulation and modeling, and virtual productions are used in many movies and TV series today.

Weta FX, one of the most prominent studios, was responsible for the visual effects of Avatar 2. The studio captured 3,240 incredible shots of Avatar, 98 percent of which were seen by audiences. Weta FX studio was tasked with pushing the realistic boundaries of the underwater world in the film industry, especially in scenes where clothes and skins had to look as natural as possible, or where water droplets appeared on the characters’ bodies. Therefore, the studio had to use technology to focus specifically on realistic images of the sea. This technology played an effective role in image rendering and other things.

Nvidia GPUs in video production

Weta FX’s approach to developing the visual effects of James Cameron’s film was revolutionary. The studio began making the film by recording the performance during pre-production using “a real-time, GPU-based ocean spectrum deformer”. In the next step, the mentioned studio introduced “a new suite of water solvers”. Weta FX uses the Loki framework for internal multiphysics design. The framework integrates multiple solvers for each configuration, including rendering of hair, clothing, air, and water that are simulated on the fly.

Assisting Weta FX Studio in the development of visual effects for Batman and Black Panther II

In addition, the studio introduced new AI learning models to help with images and maps, along with neural networks to render muscle and face animations. Weta FX also contributed to the visual effects development of The Batman. For the Batman and Penguin chase scenes, they used computer rendering for lighting, raindrops, water effects from moving cars, and lighting effects between street lights and rain. The studio also used computer renderings for the background images of Gotham City and the Batcave.

In the development of the underwater sequences of the superhero movie “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever”, Weta FX studio used a tool to show the audience real images from under the sea. “Method” studio (Method Studios) has been in charge of producing the visual effects of Top Gun: Maverick. The studio spent more than 800 hours filming aerial stunts and ground and aerial shots to create 2,400 VFX sequences.

Nvidia GPUs in video production

Cine Chromatix Studio and Markus Frank (Visual Effects Supervisor) for the war film All Quiet on the Western Front ensured that fine details were not overlooked in the creation of the film’s visual effects. Fortunately, NVIDIA’s new technology helped a lot in this film’s nomination in the special effects category. Nvidia GTC Global Technology Conference on March 20-23 (March 29, 1401 to Farudin 2, 1402) will be held.

what is your opinion? Which movie do you think will win the special effects category at the Oscars 2023? Please share your thoughts with us.

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