The Electronic Frontiers Foundation has called for the complete elimination of Apple’s child safety feature

بنیاد مرزهای الکترونیکی خواستار کنار گذاشتن کامل ویژگی ایمنی کودکان اپل شد

The Electronic Frontiers Foundation (EFF) is pleased to announce the postponement of Apple’s anti-child abuse project and now wants the company to go beyond that and stop such a program altogether.

This entity is now from Apple Requested Put this project aside forever and do not pursue it in the future. A statement from the foundation, citing criticism of the project, also listed some of its features that violate privacy laws. “Apple’s decision to scan iCloud messages and photos could be against the rules,” the statement said.

The EFF has so far asked 250,000 people to sign a petition calling on Apple to drop its child abuse programs. This request is in addition to previous requests from groups such as Fight for the Future and OpenMedia, which have collected a total of more than 50,000 signatures.

Apple has been pursuing a project to combat child abuse and prevent child abuse for some time, which by scanning users’ images before uploading to iCloud, can identify inappropriate cases and notify the judiciary and the executive if necessary. . Following the news of the project, many legislators and even Apple employees reacted negatively to it.

In an open letter, a coalition of 100 civil rights and privacy activists called on Apple to scrap a controversial plan to include monitoring tools in its products to combat child abuse.

After lawmakers, many techies and even Apple employees questioned the company’s decision on the child abuse project, the Cupertinos announced that they had postponed the controversial plan for more time in the coming months. Spend to gather information and follow an improved plan.

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