The European Space Agency needs your help to find the differences between the recorded images of the Rosetta spacecraft

آژانس فضایی اروپا برای یافتن تفاوت تصاویر ثبت شده فضاپیمای روزتا به کمک شما نیاز دارد

Spacecraft «RosettaBelonged to the European Space Agency between the years 2014 to 2016 Around the Comet «67PIt spun hundreds of millions of miles from Earth. Rosetta’s goal was to gather information about the structure and rock material of this comet. Currently, Rosetta has images of the comet’s surface Published And ESA is asking people to help them find the difference between these images.

to be continued “67P / Churyumov-GerasimenkoFor the first time in a year 1969 was observed. This is the elliptical comet of the rotation period 6.5 Is old. When the Rosetta spacecraft in the year 2014 Launched to study the comet, it became the first spacecraft to meet a comet.

As the comet moved in its orbit, the sun shone on it from different directions. This caused the camera to «OSIRISThe Rosita spacecraft can take clear pictures of the comet’s icy rocks.

“Given the complexity of the images recorded, the human eye will perform better than artificial intelligence patterns in detecting differences,” said Sandro Crook, an astrophysicist at the Max Planck Institute in Germany who studies the physics of extraterrestrial objects.

The institute has encouraged people to use a tool called “Rosetta ZooCompare and compare images of the 67P comet taken before and after approaching the Sun.

«Bruno Marin“Head of Scientific Data Center”ESAC“Over the past few years, astronomical photographers and space science enthusiasts have volunteered to study astronomical day images and satellite images,” he said in Spain. “With the exception of a few cases where artificial intelligence has come to our aid, the human eye has always been effective in understanding differences.”

“Voluntary work on the data helps the space agency to follow up on follow-up activities more closely,” he concluded. “The more people take the time to understand the difference between these images, the more accurate information we will definitely get.”

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