The fidelity price was announced to be less than 700 million Tomans; The winner of the avalanche engine in the market

قیمت فیدیلتی کمتر از 700 میلیون تومان اعلام شد؛ برگ برنده بهمن موتور در بازار

Bahman Motor intends to name its second medium-sized crossover in the coming weeks Fidelity Go to the market and what has made news in this regard is the price of less than 700 million tomans for this car, which is practically a competitor for crossovers of one billion tomans in the market.

Bahman considers the Fidelity engine as a strategic and decisive product and on this basis has decided to invest directly in the ownership of the platform of this car and the construction of propulsion production lines (Tiwan engine series). Against this background, Mohammad Zarabian, CEO of Bahman Motor, has announced the initial circulation of 9,200 Fidelity units for the year 1400, which, if realized, could make this model the best-selling car assembled in the country by private automakers, because according to last year’s statistics, The best-selling products of Kerman Khodro and Modiran Khodro have sold less than 6,000 units.

Mohammad Zarabian, CEO of Bahman Motor

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If Bahman Motor can maintain the price difference of more than 200 million Tomans of this product with similar cars, Fidileti will practically become a very strong competitor for crossovers of a lower level, and in fact, it can cross both segments with one arrow. Acquire single-differential economy overs (such as the MVM X33 and Tigo 5) and semi-luxury products such as the Chery Tigo 7 and Jack S7.

Fidelity price

Fidileti is powered by a 1.5-liter turbocharged engine with 155 horsepower and 230 Nm of torque, engineered by the Austrian company AVL, and looks somewhat similar in structure to the engines used in the Chery series, although it is likely to Thanks to different ECU settings, more power is obtained than Chery engines. The six-speed dual-clutch gearbox is also responsible for transmitting power to the front wheels.

Fidelity price

As Bahman Motor executives say, Fidileti is also a powerful car in terms of amenities, and a high level of up-to-date options from panoramic roof to blind spot detection system and 360-degree wireless mobile charger, linear radar, in Provides electric trunk.

With these descriptions, it should be expected that Bahman Motor will be able to raise its name as the third largest automaker in the country and the largest private automaker in the near future by passing the production level of Kerman Khodro Group and car managers.


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