The final version of Atomic Heart does not support Ray Tracing

The final version of Atomic Heart does not support Ray Tracing

The game “Atomic Heart”, which emphasized the effect of the “Ray Tracing” function on the game’s graphic performance before its release, now it seems that the Mundfish studio will include this function in the final version of the game. has deleted

Today, fans of the first-person shooter genre get the chance to experience the highly anticipated game Atomic Heart. Mundfish studio had previously announced that the console versions of this game do not support Ray Tracing. Many gamers believed that according to the promises of this studio, the PC version of the game Atomic Heart will especially benefit from Ray Tracing.

wccftech news agency has interviewed Robert Bagratoni, the game’s senior director, five times during the development of Atomic Heart. he in First interview He announced with the wccftech news agency that implementing Ray Tracing in Atomic Heart was not that difficult. He emphasized that this capability guarantees the future of graphics cards:

Implementing the “light beam tracking” feature in real time seemed to be a very difficult task. But in fact it was not like this. When we found out that there was a special branch of the Unreal engine with Ray Tracing support, we were excited to see how it would improve the graphical performance of Atomic Heart. “Nvidia” company entrusted us with auxiliary tools to improve the graphics of Atomic Heart game. They were there to help our team when needed. This functionality was incredibly implemented on hardware and a new API. The final results of this feature’s impact on Atomic Heart were surprising to us.

The reason for the lack of Ray Tracing in the final version of Atomic Heart

In that interview, he emphasized that gamers should not believe in the perfect execution process of Ray Tracing on all computer games. He said the Mundifsh team will start working closely with Nvidia to improve the game’s graphics issues. He confirmed that Atomic Heart will also support the NVIDIA DLSS feature.

Ray Tracing feature in Atomic Heart game

In his second interview with wccftech, Bagratoni reiterated that the features of “light beam tracking” and shadow reflection will remain in Atomic Heart. He stated in that interview:

We work closely with NVIDIA to create the most beautiful game world you’ve ever seen. The solutions we’ve already shown you are ray tracing reflections and shadows. We are currently working on implementing DLSS and other features recently made possible by RTX and DX12.

“Bagratoni” interviewed wccftech again a year ago and announced that this game will even support RTX Global Illumination (RTXGI). But in his fourth interview with this news agency, he reduced some of the development hype of the title and stated that RTXGI functionality will not be available at launch.

Now, after four years, we find that Mundfish studio did not keep their promises and removed Ray Tracing feature in the final version of Atomic Heart game. Many critics consider the graphical performance of Atomic Heart on PC to be flawless. They consider the reason for the withdrawal of this feature from the Atomic Heart game to be the vulnerability of RTX40 graphics processors.

Atomic Heart is currently available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X. /S) and personal computer (PC) are available.

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