The fire alarm went off at the International Space Station

زنگ خطر آتش در ایستگاه فضایی بین‌المللی به صدا در آمد

NASA has announced a fire alarm at the International Space Station Has sounded. The alarm was turned on in the Russian module “Zuzda” (meaning star), which according to NASA was a battery in this section. However, it is not clear whether the battery was charged or not.

When the alarm went off, all seven space station crews were resting, but when they heard the alarm, they left their rest stations to deal with the emergency. According to the Russian space agency, Roscosmos, the crew immediately turned on the air conditioning filter inside the module. After making sure of the situation, they returned to their stations and completed their night rest.

Module Zuzda

Ruskazmuz also stated that all space station systems are in normal condition and that little impurities have been reported in the station’s air composition. NASA also confirmed this on Twitter, saying that there was a slight burn odor at the station, which was removed with air conditioning filters. French astronaut Thomas Paske, who arrived at the space station earlier this spring, said the burn smelled like burning plastic or electronic components that had penetrated the American part of the space station.

The alarm went off just one week after the announcement of the cracking of the Russian module “Zaria” – meaning dawn. Last week, engineers reported surface cracks in the body of the Zaria module. This is very bad news for this module, as these gaps widen over time and spread to other parts of the body. Officials have previously stated that most of the space station’s equipment will become obsolete after 20 years, and around 2025, “Bahmani” will have problems with the space station. However, the space station is predicted to last until 2024 and even 2028. It all depends on the tolerance of the space station and how the problems are solved.

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