The first electric Hummer was sold at an incredible price

The first electric Hummer was sold at an incredible price

GMC is ready to bring the Hummer brand back to market in the form of a massive electric pickup. With about 1,000 horsepower and something close to 15,592 Nm of torque, we are dealing in every way with a monster that has gone beyond the pickup class and has emerged as a revolutionary product. This car has recently been able to add another achievement to its features. The first of the new electric Hummer sold at auction for Brett Jackson for $ 2.5 million (€ 2.1 million).

The genre of electric tracks is taking shape and the competition is getting tougher day by day. Unfortunately, the new Hummer has been developed completely without examining the competitors in the market. Todd Hubbard, Hammer brand EV performance engineer, says the company aims to set a new standard for battery-powered tracks. This goal is quite tangible considering the features of the new electric hummer.

Electric Hummer

Excluding internal combustion engines has given Hummer engineers new capabilities such as four-wheel steering. Apart from this idea, the new electric Hummer has other Aphrodite features. The most important features are the installation of 18 cameras in different parts of the body, 35-inch tires, armor under the room and adjustable air suspension, which is guaranteed for more than 350 miles.Electric Hummer

While the first of the new Hummers sold for a hefty price at auction, other Edition 1 trim models went on sale in less than an hour for $ 112,595. The next version of the new Hummer, called the 3X, will be on the production line starting in the fall of 2022 and will have a base price of $ 99,995. Meanwhile, the American carmaker plans to officially unveil the SUV version of this truck on April 3 this year at 5:00 PM.

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