The first full-color images of the James Webb Telescope will be released on July 12th

اولین تصاویر تمام رنگی تلسکوپ جیمز وب 21 تیرماه منتشر می‌شود

More than six months have passed since the launch of the James Webb Space Telescope, and now the European Space Agency says that after decades of effort by scientists, James Webb is set to capture a unique moment and release the first full-color images on July 21, 1401.

This powerful telescope has a long way to go to reach the point «L2Has passed. During this time, scientists monitored its trajectory and examined the opening of mirrors. The mirrors of the James Webb Space Telescope opened one after the other, and finally it was his turn Align the mirrors Receipt.

Earlier, the James Webb Telescope sent a few images to Earth just to test how it works, but now we are about to start. The European Space Agency says images and the first spectroscopic data of the telescope in history 21 July 1401 will be published.

«Eric SmithJames Webb, Deputy Program Director Says“The release of the first full-color images of James Webb is a special and unique moment in our lives. These images are the result of decades of round-the-clock efforts by scientists. “We are sure we will encounter images that humans have never seen before.”

James Webb needs to be prepared before he can start. This process involves cooling the telescope to the temperature required to operate it and aligning the mirrors.

NASA has shared some images taken by the James Webb Telescope in preparation, one of which can be seen below.

European Space Agency, NASA, Canadian Space Agency and Space Telescope Science InstituteSTSciThey have been researching and planning for more than five years to determine what James Webb would first start with in his long list of studies.

However, no one still knows what full-color images will look like. «Joseph de Pascual“We definitely expect this extraordinary telescope to see details that other telescopes like,” said the developer of visual-scientific sciences at the STScl Center.HableThey could not see it. “But we have to wait.”

After the official launch of the telescope, astronomers collected data collected by Infrared sensors Will be analyzed and we hope that valuable scientific articles will be published in this regard.

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