The first home test kit for respiratory viruses was licensed by the US FDA

اولین کیت آزمایش خانگی تشخیص ویروس‌های تنفسی از FDA آمریکا مجوز گرفت

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) licenses the company’s first home test kit Labcorp Which can include respiratory viruses Flu، کووید And respiratory virus RSV Recognize, issued.

It is worth mentioning this the experiment The first of its kind by FDA Receives confirmation and allows the diagnosis of the disease without consulting a doctor or requiring a prescription.

With the epidemic Covid-19 The number of people who underwent diagnostic tests increased dramatically. In the meantime, various strategies for diagnosing the disease have been explored, and the subject of home testing is more popular than ever.

Corona diagnosis at home

Rapid antigen tests for coronavirus Allows people to be tested for SARS-CoV-2 infection without consulting a doctor. The FDA has now authorized the first home test that can detect multiple respiratory viruses.

This experiment was provided by Labcorp Biological Sciences Company Influenza A and B.، SARS-CoV-2 virus and also Respiratory virus Detects (RSV).

Unlike conventional rapid antigen tests, this new test uses traditional technology PCR Uses that include sending a sample of nasal swabs to a laboratory for analysis.

This test kit requires no prescription Doctor It will be available in online and offline stores. Users will sample the nasal swab at home with the kit and send the sample to the nearest Labcorp lab, where they will have access to the results one to three days after receiving the sample in the lab via an online platform.

while FDA It is now licensed to perform many coronary tests without a prescription, the first test to be approved for influenza and RSV with corona.

Obviously, this test can not be fast enough and can not be relied on for immediate treatment, but it helps to diagnose coronary heart disease and other respiratory diseases that would be valuable in the long run.

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