The first information about the production version of Honda Civic 2022 has been released

The first information about the production version of Honda Civic 2022 has been released

It was November 2020 that Honda unveiled the eighth generation Civic. But at the time, the public version was the prototype or prototype model of the car. Now the Japanese automaker has introduced the final version and mass production. What catches our eye is the addition of fog lights and the removal of black piano pieces in the front view. Instead, they used matte black parts in the production version. There is no mention of black mirrors in the prototype version, and mirrors that are the same color as the body have replaced them.

As the most expensive version of the new generation Civic, the Honda Civic Turing is equipped with sunroof and front parking sensors. These sensors have an interesting location and are located in front of the upper window. The beam version lacked park sensors for a neater look. Of course, in the production version, these sensors are well installed and do not damage the beauty of the car.

The all-black rims of the beam version have been replaced by two-tone rims, which, of course, still use black. In the production version of Turing Turing, the black frame of the two windows has been replaced with a chrome design.

No significant change can be seen in the side view anymore. Honda has not yet released a complete picture of the car’s interior details. So in the next two weeks, we will probably have to wait for a lot of changes in the original design of the car cabin.

Honda Civic

Following the global introduction of this car at the end of this month, the Civic 2022 will enter Honda dealerships in North America from next summer. Production of this car will be done in the Honda factory in India and the hatchback version will be added to the production line a few months after the sedan model.

This is the first time that a five-door hatchback version of the Civic has been on production due to Honda’s decision to close the Swindon plant in the UK, India, alongside a sedan. The plant was previously sold by Honda to logistics companies.

Although Honda also has big plans to offer high-performance versions of the Civic, such as the Si and Type R, its product portfolio is shrinking with the removal of the coupe model. Both the Civic Si sedan and the Civic Type R hatchback are expected to come with a manual transmission. So fans of exciting cars will definitely appreciate Honda.

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