The first Intel 7-nanometer processors will arrive in 2023

Disclosure of Intel 12th Generation Processor Specifications: Support for PCIe 5.0 and DDR5

Intel officially Confirmed Launches its first 7-nanometer processor, Meteor Lake, in 2023 for desktops and laptops. Intel’s 7-nanometer processors are produced with the company’s 90 EUV, which is a great success for it.

Intel 7nm processors use the new x86 architecture, which allows for the use of a modular design. The company wants to use a variety of cores in the chips to create a new future for desktop and laptop processors. Of course, we will see this design style earlier than 2023 and with processors called “Alder Lake”. These products come with a 10-nanometer architecture and Golden Cove and Gracemont cores.

Meteor Lake processors are expected to be based on the new Cove Core architecture, which is rumored to be called “Redwood Cove”. Apparently, this core is designed from the ground up in such a way that it can be produced by different facilities. So it is possible that TSMC could supply part of the chips based on Redwood Cove.

Meteor Lake is reportedly becoming the first Intel processor with a fully 3D-stacked design, and the input and output section is being developed by another company, such as TSMC. The company will use “Foveros” technology to communicate between different parts of the chip.

The first Intel 7nm processors, like the Alder Lake chips, supported the LGA 1700 socket. We expect Meteor Lake processors to be able to support DDR5 RAM and PCIe Gen 5.0 as well.

Intel is investing $ 20 billion in new facilities to have a say in the chip market. The company will also launch 7-nanometer “Granite Rapid” chips for data centers in 2023, processors that were originally scheduled to arrive in 2022. We have to wait and see what AMD will do by 2023.

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