The first move invested in Pulse Startup

حرکت اول در استارتاپ نبض سرمایه گذاری کرد

The first move announced in a news release that it has invested in a pulse startup that operates in the field of e-health.

The first movement as a risky arm of the first mobile group was established in 1997 and has so far invested more than 200 billion tomans in mid-level and higher stage businesses. Last year, the largest amount of investment in the country’s startup ecosystem was made by this fund, and it was recently announced that the first move intends to continue this path in the new year.

This investment holding company, like many investment funds, has a special focus on e-health this year, which experienced good growth with the outbreak of the Corona virus. The first move in its first investment in the new year in the field of e-health has gone to Pulse Startup.

Pulse Startup was founded in 2016 by a group of four graduates of Sharif University of Technology and Science and Technology. Pulse’s initial activity was in the field of manufacturing rehabilitation equipment, but in August 1996, it changed its direction and is active in designing and manufacturing smart tools and gadgets in the field of health.

Pulse has also won the first place in the field of health in the 4th International Congress of Health of Islamic Countries.

Armin Karimi, CEO and co-founder of Pulse, while confirming this news, expressed hope that this strategic cooperation will lead to serious changes in the country’s e-health market.

He also stated that they have received various offers from VCs and even different companies about the reasons for this cooperation, but the approach of the first movement team for Pulse can be the real meaning of Smart Money.

The exact details of this investment will be announced at a press conference. The first move this year intends to enter more areas, and recently entered the overseas market, and it seems that it has considered the path of investment in domestic and global dimensions in the new year.

According to an interview that the CEO of Pulse Startup recently had with the media and announced that they intend to move to the global market, it can be said that the new policies of the first move, along with the team’s decision, may lead to the Pulse team operating in the outside market. Be.

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