The first Oppo clamshell phone will probably be called the Find N 5G

اولین گوشی تاشو اوپو احتمالا با نام فایند N 5G معرفی می‌شود

Oppo, along with other mobile manufacturers, is trying to launch its first clamshell phone, and this device will probably be available to users under the name Oppo Find N 5G.

One of the market-aware resources on the Weibo social network with the username Digital Chat Station Says Oppo is preparing a folding device and its possible name has been announced as Find N 5G.

This post also mentions the Oppo N series and also shares a photo of the Oppo N3. Another post shared by this informed source mentions the Oppo Find 5G, which refers to a foldable display and a 50-megapixel camera with a Sony IMX766 sensor for a selfie camera.

The post also mentions the Xiaomi May 11 Ultra, which takes selfies with the main camera via a small display on the back panel. It is possible that the Oppo Find N 5G will also be equipped with a small display. Given that the clamshell phone is said to be from the Oppo Find series, it probably means that it will come with flagship specifications.

According to another market-aware source, the Oppo clamshell phone will feature a 7.8- to 8-inch OLED display with a resolution of 2K and a refresh rate of 120Hz.

Although we expected to see more clamshell phones on the market in 2021, this did not happen and some companies were unable to launch their clamshell phones.

Google, for example, was unable to unveil Pixel Fold this year due to some constraints on parts supply, and there have even been reports of the project being canceled and postponed. Oppo also faces various challenges for the development of clamshell mobile.

Among mobile phone companies, Samsung is the leader in the clamshell handset sector, and the rest of the companies are trying to gain a share of the clamshell mobile market.

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