The first phase of the Astrazenka Corona inhalation vaccine clinical trial has begun

فاز اول کارآزمایی بالینی واکسن استنشاقی آسترازنکا کرونا آغاز شد

University of Oxford Phase 1 clinical trial of nasal spray corona vaccine for healthy adult age groups 18 to 55 years has started. These clinical trials will continue for 12 months.

Researchers are trying to evaluate the effectiveness of this non-injectable vaccine. They are exploring whether the new method could improve protection against infection and transmission.

Nasal inhaled vaccines are more popular than the intramuscular version in several ways. At first, they are very simple to use and do not require a trained health professional. But researchers seeking to confirm nasal administration of the AstraZena corona vaccine have found other benefits in terms of effectiveness and transmission.

Vaccines are usually injected into a person’s muscles and produce antibodies that circulate in the blood but are not necessarily present in the nose or duct. However, vaccinated people can still get corona and transmit it.

On the other hand, the nasal vaccine can target the virus at the point of entry into the body as well as in the bloodstream. It also reduces the risk of spreading the virus to vaccinated people if there is less virus in the nasal passages. Preclinical studies also show that the intranasal vaccine can be just as effective in maintaining muscle immunity as muscle samples.

The US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) has tested an intranasal injection of the AstraZena corona vaccine in hamsters and monkeys, the results of which were published several months ago. The researchers went on to say that the results of the experiments were very encouraging but could not be statistically significant. However, researchers will continue their research.

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