The first screenshots of the PC version of Bloodborne have been leaked

The first screenshots of the PC version of Bloodborne have been leaked

“Lance MacDonald”, a famous hacker, shared on his Twitter page images of the game “Bloodborne”, which shows that they were published with the extension “win64” on the fanbase site of the game. This evidence suggests that FromSoftware may be developing a remake of Bloodborne for the PC platform.

After many years, the role-playing title Bloodborne still remains in the form of PlayStation exclusive games. Although many games from this console have made their way to the PC platform, the FromSoftware studio has not yet made a decision to release it on personal computers. Recently, news came out that, due to the poor performance of PC ports of PlayStation titles, FromSoftware has stopped making the PC version of Bloodborne.

Revealing the blade of the PC version of Bloodborne game; Is a remake being made?

Now, well-known hacker Lance MacDonald has posted on his Twitter page showing that images of the Bloodborne Oil Urns item have been uploaded to the Bloodborne Fandom system. These images have been registered by the ecosystem designer of FromSoftware studio in the mentioned system, the suffix “win64” is found in all the images. It seems that the mentioned images were taken from the debug camera. This mode is currently not available for the PS4 console. So, we can conclude that the Oil Urns images are from the full PC version build Game Bloodborne: Old Hunter has been recorded.

Bloodborne PC version

This evidence shows that “FromSoftware” studio has been developing the PC version of this game. Some users believe that the initial build of the PC version of “Bloodborne” has been made available to the public for a long time. However, it is possible that FromSoftware has plans to make a remake of Bloodborne. If such a project is in the works, it will most likely be announced at this week’s PlayStation Showcase. Bloodborne is available now for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

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