The first space hotel to be built by 2026: $ 5 million dream accommodation

The first space hotel to be built by 2026: $ 5 million dream accommodation

In the near future, the American company “Orbital Assembly” will build the first luxury space hotel in the solar system, which will allow space tourists to walk in space, participate in concerts and suitable food. People have to pay $ 5 million to stay at this hotel for three and a half days.

The company wants to build a giant circular space station with a diameter of 212 meters in space, thanks to recent advances in SpaceX and reducing the cost of space missions. Construction of this hotel by semi-automatic robots with remote control Done.

Called the Voyager Space Station (VSS), it can accommodate up to 100 crew and 300 visitors. Visitors can be tourists, businessmen, scientists or astronauts. All of these people can stay at this hotel for $ 5 million. VSS is powered by the sun and the equipment is sent from the ground.

Although we do not have an international space station, this hotel offers a variety of entertainment for visitors and also creates a luxury accommodation experience for people. According to the CEO of Orbital Assembly, people at this hotel are offered quality food:

“You will have access to the chefs’ dishes at this hotel. When you are willing to pay $ 5 million to go to a destination, you certainly do not want to eat hamburgers and fries. “In addition, we have for you a concert of popular singers like Sting, which is part of an entertainment package.”

In addition, visitors can see the earth and, for a short time, watch the world from the outside rather than the inside.

Space Hotel

The company wants to start building VSS in space in 2026, but will first build a 40-meter “gravity ring” in orbit to prove the performance of semi-automated robotic construction tools.

The space hotel will cost tens of billions of dollars, but will cost the builders less than the International Space Station. The cost of building the International Space Station is close to $ 150 billion and can host up to seven people. Despite the high cost of construction, the Orbital Assembly can generate billions of dollars in revenue annually.

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