The first successful test flight of the C919; China’s competition with Airbus and Boeing is becoming more serious

اولین پرواز آزمایشی موفق هواپیمای C919؛ رقابت چین با ایرباس و بوئینگ جدی‌تر می‌شود

China recently launched its first pre-delivery test flight C919 passenger aircraft Successfully left behind. The aircraft, a competitor to the Boeing 737 Max and Airbus A320neo, was built to reduce reliance on foreign products, although it still faces difficulties in supplying parts.

According to reports China National Television, C919 aircraft manufactured by Commercial Aircraft Corp. of China today for approx three hours It was piloted. The aircraft is scheduled to be delivered to the first customer soon. The price of the C919 slim aircraft is approx $ 99 million Announced and apparently aviation China Eastern Has signed a contract to purchase five of these aircraft.

China is taking the test more seriously to counter the dual monopoly Boeing And Airbus Goes to the global aircraft market. The manufacturer of the C919, known as Comac for the first time, began developing the aircraft in 2008, but failed to meet the previous deadline for delivering the first commercial aircraft in 2021.

The C919 has problems with spare parts

China’s goal is to reduce its dependence on Airbus and Boeing, but Comac has yet to supply many of its parts to foreign companies, including GE It depends. Hence, its development has accelerated in recent years, because American strictures It has made it more difficult for the Chinese to export parts.

Komak is a state-owned manufacturer of the aerospace industry, founded in 2008 in Shanghai. The company was added to the US sanctions list in 2021 to be barred from cooperating with US companies. Komak used to be a short-range and smaller aircraft called ARJ21 The first prototype was released in 2015. The aircraft carries between 70 and 105 passengers, but the C919 is capable of carrying 150 to 190 passengers Is.

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