The former Facebook product manager is going to Europe to testify against the company

مدیر محصول سابق فیسبوک برای ادای شهادت علیه این شرکت به اروپا می‌رود

Former Facebook product manager Francis Haugen now has to go to the British Parliament and present evidence of what he said after attending the US Congress. EU lawmakers have also invited Hagen to attend a hearing. Haogen had previously leaked documents from Facebook, claiming that the company preferred profitability to the health of its users.

According to a statement from the British Parliament published, Francis Hagen is set to present evidence of his claims to British lawmakers. He will appear before a committee in parliament on November 24 to testify for the first time in Europe.

“There needs to be more transparency in the decisions of companies like Facebook that prefer user safety to more interaction,” said Damien Collins, a member of parliament and chairman of the Joint Online Safety Law Committee. Collins was the person who took over the Cambridge Analytica case in 2018.

The British government is seeking to introduce new laws to ensure that the big tech giants have proper control over illegal and harmful content and take timely action against it. If companies fail to do so, they will have to pay 10 percent of their annual revenue, or at least $ 24 million in fines.

On the other hand, EU lawmakers have also invited Hagen to attend a hearing on 17 November. However, it is not clear whether he accepted the invitation. “Women idiots like Francis Hagen demonstrate the need for democratic laws and regulations that protect users in the online world,” said Anna Kawatzini, chair of the European Parliament’s Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee. “His revelations reveal a contradiction between the business model of the business and the interests of users.”

The European Union is also working on special rules to control the giants of the tech world. The union seeks to combat harmful content and help compete in the market through two general rules.

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