The Galaxy S23 family supports satellite communication

The Galaxy S23 family supports satellite communication

Samsung plans to once again use Apple’s ideas and follow the footsteps of this American company in the field of satellite communications. For the first time in the iPhone 14 series, Apple provided the possibility of making emergency calls via satellite in cooperation with Globalstar, and now Samsung plans to provide the same feature in cooperation with Iridium. Bring Galaxy S23 series phones.

The Galaxy S23 family supports satellite communication The Galaxy S23 family supports satellite communication 2

Satellite connection for Galaxy S23

Iriduim has a total of 66 powerful satellites in low earth orbits that provide voice and data transmission services. It has been almost two years that Samsung has been working on the hardware limitations of satellite communication for smartphones, and it seems that it has finally been able to overcome the limitations and plans to equip the Galaxy S23 family with satellite communication technology. As the rumors say, it is possible to send text messages and even images of several hundreds of kilobytes through this technology.

If you have seen a satellite phone up close, you definitely understand that the main limitation in making a satellite phone is to fit the required equipment in it, without multiplying its weight and size.

Most likely, Samsung company does not offer satellite communication technology in Korea itself, because South Korea is a small country and the coverage of 5G technology is also very good at its level; But this technology will be a big hit for Samsung in North and South America, Europe, Russia and China, especially in areas where the communication infrastructure is not as well developed as in small countries like South Korea.

According to the information available so far, Samsung will release the Galaxy S23 series phones in the first week of February 2023.

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