The Google Pixel 7a comes with dual cameras and a 90Hz display

The Google Pixel 7a comes with dual cameras and a 90Hz display

One of the biggest criticisms of the Google Pixel 6a, which was introduced last year, was the lack of a high refresh rate display. It seems that Google has listened to the criticism Pixel 7a phone to market with an FHD+ panel with a refresh rate of 90 Hz supplied by Samsung.

Basic specifications of Google Pixel 7a

Apparently, a developer named Kuba Wojciechowski was also able to access information about the Pixel 7a camera system called “Pixel 22 Mid-range” by searching the camera drivers.

The Pixel 7a, codenamed lynx, was originally supposed to have a triple rear camera with GN1, IMX787, and IMX712 sensors. Google, however, decided to remove the GN1 sensor from this phone and keep the “l10-wide” and “l10-UW” sensors – the same IMX787 and IMX712 sensors for this phone. With this account, the IMX787 sensor will be the main sensor of the Pixel 7a phone and the IMX712 sensor will be its ultra-wide sensor.

The Pixel 6a was also equipped with a dual rear camera, but the sensors used in the Pixel 7a are better sensors and we can expect better quality for the images captured by this phone. The Pixel 6a was equipped with an IMX363 sensor for the main camera, which has been upgraded to an IMX712 sensor in the new model.

Google Pixel 7a is also supposed to support wireless charging technology, which was not available in Pixel 6a. Of course, the wireless charging power of this phone is very limited and is only 5 watts. Regarding the 3.5 mm jack, we must say that the Pixel 5a had a 3.5 mm jack, but the Pixel 6a did not. Now we have to wait and see if the Pixel 7a has a 3.5 mm jack or not.

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