The Governor of the Central Bank announced the trial use of the national currency code for 6 months in the near future

رئیس کل بانک مرکزی از استفاده آزمایشی رمز پول ملی به مدت 6 ماه در آینده‌ای نزدیک خبر داد

The Governor of the Central Bank announced that the currency code of the Central Bank will be used on a trial basis in some parts of the country for a period of 6 months in the coming months. He also stressed the need to provide the necessary training and culture in this area.

According to Digito, and quoting the central bank’s public relations, the third meeting of the central bank governor with experts and economics was held with the focus on the Central Bank (CBDC) cryptocurrency. “Ali Salehabadi” welcomed the points raised by economic experts and said:

“The issue of the central bank’s currency code has been raised in the monetary and banking policy-making body for a long time. Finally, in this period, a working group consisting of economic, technical and banknote issuance experts completed this issue up to the operational stage and on a trial basis. In the same direction The coming monthsWitness Experimental implementation “This plan will be in some parts of the country.”

He gave the project a trial period 6 months He stated and stated that after this period, in addition to the pathology of the issue, the report of this project will be provided to economic and banking experts in order to take advantage of the views of intellectuals in this field.

The Governor of the Central Bank also stressed that in addition to implementing this plan on a trial basis, the necessary training and culture building in this field must be done by experts.

Salehabadi stated that the priority of the Central Bank at this stage is to reform the banking system in the three sides, adding: “It has been.”

It is worth mentioning that in this meeting, economic experts discussed the issue of digital money of the Central Bank, proposed solutions for the more successful implementation of this plan, and the experts of the Central Bank also answered the questions and ambiguities of the guests.

Digiato has already spoken to experts and activists in the field of blockchain, their views on Central Bank digital currency Was asked. They believe that the benefits or advantages of digital money cannot be talked about until the purpose of the central bank in providing money is clear.

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