The Governor of the Central Bank of Iran requested technical assistance from the Director of the IMF Fund in the field of digital money

رئیس کل بانک مرکزی ایران از مدیر صندوق IMF در حوزه پول دیجیتال درخواست کمک فنی کرد

The Governor of the Central Bank called on the International Monetary Fund (IMF) Middle East Director for technical assistance in three areas: digital money, banking law, with emphasis on the aspects of monetary policy independence and mass communication policy.

According to Digito Central Bank Public Relations“Dr. Ali Salehabadi” in a virtual meeting with the Middle East Regional Director of the International Monetary Fund, referring to the IMF technical assistance to member countries, discussed digital money and said:

The Fund’s technical assistance in this regard is a new phenomenon that can be used to discuss the implementation of monetary policy, control, monitoring and reducing the role of cash in the economy.

The Governor of the Central Bank called for using the experiences of the International Monetary Fund in the field of central bank independence and said:

Using the experiences of central bank independence can play an important role in maximizing the effectiveness of central bank policies in the economy.

Benefiting from the implementation of mass communication policies and the management of public opinion The third issue was the technical assistance of the Governor of the Central Bank to the Fund’s Middle East Regional Director. He mentioned:

How the central bank interacts with public opinion is important in implementing monetary and banking policies, so redefining and interacting with public opinion based on the experiences of successful IMF member countries can be beneficial to other members.

He went on to point out the economic damage of coronary heart disease and said: “Efforts to implement the necessary measures and policies to limit the effects of the pandemic are on the agenda.”

Criticizing the non-payment of RFI funding for the import of corona vaccines due to unreasonable US pressure, Salehabadi called for financing for the import of medical items and stressed: “Helping to reduce the bottlenecks facing companies and households should be considered.” .

At this meeting, the Governor of the Central Bank called on the IMF Managing Director to send the Iranian case to the IMF Board of Directors as soon as possible for approval of loan repayments, as is the usual procedure for other countries.

Salehabadi said that Iran welcomes the plan to establish an Adaptation and Stabilization Fund (RST) to provide financial assistance to low-income and middle-income countries in need. Coming from coronary heart disease will be effective and useful.

Emphasizing efforts to create more transparency on how to use the fund’s resources, the central bank governor said: “Unused resources from rich countries to weak and needy countries must be implemented and operationalized.”

“Recognizing your priorities, how to help the IMF and help governments accelerate economic recovery are valuable experiences,” said Jihad Azur, the IMF’s Middle East director, referring to the difficult economic situation due to the Corona pandemic. Member countries.

Azur expressed satisfaction with Iran’s economic stabilization despite the challenges, citing multiple economic shocks, the Corona pandemic and sanctions.

It is worth mentioning that the 24-year-old group of the International Monetary Fund, consisting of the Ministry of Finance and the heads of the central banks of developing countries, including Iran; Formed with 24 members, it now has 28 members, and is considered a good place for member countries to exchange views on economic issues and formulate optimal policies for their growth and development. Also in the form of this group, there is an opportunity for cooperation and sympathy with other international organizations.

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