The hotel chain left Windows and migrated to Chrome OS for fear of ransomware

مجموعه هتل زنجیره‌ای از ترس باج‌افزارها، ویندوز را ترک و به کروم OS مهاجرت کرد

Chain hotel Nordic Choice In December 2021, it faced a major ransomware attack. The group, 72 hours after the attack, computers 212 Hotels Moved itself from Windows to a Chrome OS-like operating system in 5 different countries.

When hackers attacked the Nordic Choice hotel chain, the group migrated from Windows to CloudReady Had started, which is similar to Chrome OS. But following this attack, they accelerated the process 72 hours After the attack, 2000 computers In 212 international hotels, they took to the Google ecosystem. The company is apparently happy with its decision and has no plans to return to the Windows ecosystem, at least in the near future.

Nordic Choice lost access to its files following a hacker attack and was forced to make its network inaccessible. They were eventually forced to Ransom Pay the hackers to get their files back and not let their information be leaked.

The Nordic Choice hotel chain was already ready to migrate to Chrome

As a result of this attack, hotel staff were forced to use pens and paper, as they had for years, and to disable the door lock system with smart cards. On the other hand, the officials of “Nordic Choice” cooperated Google They accelerated the migration to these new systems.

Leaving Windows, the company switched to the open source CloudReady operating system, which had a Chromebook-like experience on the operating system. Chromium Brings. CloudReady is set to become an official version of Chrome OS in the future.

It is no secret that there are many ransomware in the Windows ecosystem. According to VirusTotal, approx 95% Attacks باج‌افزاری They run on the Microsoft operating system, and anyone who has followed the news of this operating system must be familiar with some of these attacks.

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