The increase in the share of the iPhone coincides with the stagnation of the Chinese smartphone market

The increase in the share of the iPhone coincides with the stagnation of the Chinese smartphone market

It seems that in the last few months, the smartphone market in China has been severely affected and is not in a very good condition. But with this situation, Apple managed to share in the Chinese market Increase. This happened while the supply volume of Apple phones was lower than in 2021.

Product supply issues in China have had a significant impact on iPhone 14 Pro availability since shortly after the iPhone 14 Pro was launched in September. Despite the fact that the gap between the order and delivery of the iPhone 14 Pro has decreased since then, we are still witnessing a decrease in overall iPhone sales due to the recent situation.

The release of the iPhone in the Chinese market

Increasing Apple's share of the Chinese market

According to statistics published by JP Morgan Institute and China Academy of Information and Communication Technology, in September to October 2022, the volume of Apple iPhones dropped by 14%. October data also shows that Apple made 30% less iPhone available to Chinese customers than last year.

This number only shows that demand for the iPhone 14 in October 2021 was higher than in mid-September, thanks to the late September release date of the iPhone 13.

Despite this decline, Apple managed to increase its share in the Chinese mobile market by about 1 percent compared to last year. Apple’s share of the Chinese market was around 21% in 2021 and 22% in 2022. Meanwhile, the Chinese smartphone market saw an 18% decrease in demand compared to last year.

As demand for the iPhone declined at a slower rate, the company was able to capture more market share.

JPMorgan also notes that 5G smartphones accounted for about 80 percent of China’s market share in October. Meanwhile, the share of these phones was 79% in October last year.

The data in this report only covers information for the month of October. JP Morgan points out that in November and December, the volume of Apple phones will be more affected by factors such as shutdowns caused by Corona.

  • Apple has 42% of global smartphone sales
  • TSMC is getting ready to start producing Apple’s 3nm chips in the coming weeks

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