The iPhone 12 became the world’s best-selling phone in January 2021

The next generation iPhone comes with a fingerprint sensor under The iPhone 12 became the world's best-selling phone in January 2021 1

It was in late 2020 that Apple unveiled four iPhone 12 series phones, and now, according to the latest report Counterpoint Research, The standard version of this family has become the best-selling phone in the world in January 2021.

Last year, the iPhone 11 was the best-selling phone in the world, and now the iPhone 12 seems to be moving in that direction, as it was able to experience the highest sales among other smartphones in the first month of 2021.

The iPhone 12 was not the only best-selling Apple phone in January 2021, and in fact the Pro Max and Pro versions of the series are the second and third best-selling phones in the market, respectively. These products accounted for 71% of Apple’s total sales this month.

After these devices, the iPhone 11 can be seen, which considering the features and reasonable price, such a sale seems natural.

The biggest loser in the list of the best-selling phones in the world in January 2021 is the iPhone 12 Mini, which is ranked eighth in the table. Such ratings indicate that users do not welcome this compact phone.

The smartphone is not selling well in the market, and there have been reports of it being discontinued, however, it seems that the Cupertinoites are still developing the iPhone 13 mini despite such disappointing sales and want to launch the device.

In the list of best sellers of January 2021, the 2020 model of the iPhone SE can also be seen, which stands out in the tenth place. So there are six phones in this list of Apple products and the rest are made by Xiaomi and Samsung.

Xiaomi ranks fifth and sixth with the Redmi 9A and 9, respectively, and Samsung’s Galaxy A21S ranks seventh. The Korean company’s Galaxy A31 also managed to be ranked ninth in the table.

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