The iPhone 12 Pro defeated the Galaxy S21 Ultra in the Geekbench benchmark

The iPhone 12 Pro defeated the Galaxy S21 Ultra in the Geekbench benchmark

Apple has long been at the forefront of the smartphone chip world, producing the most powerful chips. The latest Cupertino processor, the A14 Bionic, is included in the iPhone 12 series, which outperforms the Exynos 2100 chip in the Galaxy S21 Ultra.

Recently a Twitter account called “NicolasCatard” on Tweet It has released images of the results of the Galaxy S21 Ultra and iPhone 12 Pro benchmarks, which show a big difference between their scores. In the Geekbench 5 benchmark, the Apple representative has inflicted an almost heavy defeat on the Samsung phone.

The iPhone 12 Pro scored 1597, 4008 and 9255 in the single-core, multi-core and GPU categories, respectively, while the Galaxy S21 Ultra scored 1085, 3291 and 7162, respectively.

The Galaxy S21 Ultra in the benchmark uses the Exynos 2100 chip. According to previous benchmarks, this processor outperforms the Snapdragon 888 in terms of processing, but is weaker in terms of GPU than Qualcomm.

While Samsung’s latest 5-nanometer processor is slightly faster than the Snapdragon 888, it still can’t beat Apple’s A14 Bionic chip. However, this is expected to change in the next generation of Exynos chips.

Samsung is working with AMD to develop the next generation Exynos chip to integrate the GPU into its smartphones. According to benchmark results, the chip outperformed the A14 Bionic chip and will likely launch in the second or third quarter of this year. However, as long as the Koreans unveil their new chip, they will be Apple’s representative in the market.

More benchmark results from these two powerful flagships will be released in the future, but the Exynos 2100 or Snapdragon 888 are not expected to beat the A14 Bionic.

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