The iPhone 13 will likely be introduced in a variety of color combinations with new sensors under the display

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Apple apparently intends to make the iPhone 13 available to users in a variety of color combinations. The company is working to get rid of the notch at the top of the screen, and the new generation iPhone will probably come with touch ID and face ID sensors under the screen.

According to Rumors provided According to a whistleblower quoting a Chinese supply chain source, there seems to be a big difference between the high-end iPhone 13 and its more economical models. In fact, Apple usually introduces iPhone Pro models with a more subtle design, and may now continue its policy by offering new color options, including gold with a sunset theme, matte black, pale rose gold, and silver for the iPhone 13.

However, the rumors about the iPhone become interesting when we realize that Apple is probably working on technology to use Face ID and Touch ID under the screen. We now know that Apple has tried to reduce the size of its selfie camera hole in current iPhone models, and now, despite this rumor, it seems to be close to its goal.

In addition, Apple’s new patent shows that the company wants to once again make it possible to unlock the phone with a fingerprint, because it intends to use the Touch ID and Face ID capabilities under the screen to get rid of the aperture. Get rid of the selfie camera. The patent generally focuses on development methods that allow each sensor under the display to record the received light or transmit it.

It should be noted, however, that these changes may lead to other consequences, as Apple has confirmed that the screens of iPhone devices may still be thicker. However, many fans may agree that the screen should be thicker in order to have a full screen experience and the disappearance of the selfie camera aperture.

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