The leaked image of the Vivo Watch 2 shows its circular design

تصویر فاش شده ویوو واچ ۲ طراحی دایره‌ای شکل آن را نشان می‌دهد

A new image and some specifications of the second generation Vivo smartwatch have been revealed, which shows its design. Based on this, it is possible that the Chinese company will soon unveil its new smartwatch called Vivo Watch 2.

An image released by a Chinese whistleblower shows three versions of the Vivo Watch 2 from They use a circular shape design And apparently Vivo will launch them in two different options with leather and silicone straps.

As we mentioned, this image shows three different versions of the second generation Vivo smartwatch, which confirms the middle option, the presence of heart rate monitors, pedometers and built-in GPS in the Vivo Watch 2.

In addition, the version to the right of the image shows Chinese watch support for voice calling. Of course, in the past, rumors claimed that this watch will be available with eSIM capability, and now apparently this point has reached the confirmation stage.

The Chinese whistleblower also claims that the Vivo Watch 2 uses a 501 mAh battery, which is more than the previous generation of watches. The 42mm version of the original Vivo Watch comes with a 226mAh battery and the 46mm version with a 478mAh battery, which can now be expected to have better endurance for this second generation.

More information about the Vivo Watch 2, including the release date and price tag, has not been announced yet, but more details are expected to be released in the coming days.

The specifications of one of the Chinese manufacturer phones with 2000 diminution chip were recently revealed in the Antoto benchmark, which seems to be the first Android phone with a score of over 1 million in this benchmark. This phone with the model number V2184 had a score of 1,002,220.

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