The Life360 app sells location data to tens of millions of users

اپلیکیشن Life360 داده‌های موقعیت مکانی ده‌ها میلیون کاربر خود را می‌فروشد

According to informed sources, Life360 location sharing app with more than 33 million users worldwide sells its valuable data and has no plan to protect users’ privacy.

Life360 is a popular application for informing and sharing the location of family members, children and the elderly is being used And now it is said that it sells the location information of its users.

Based on information shared by Markup, the app has sold child and family care data to twelve data agents. Interviews with two former employees of the app, along with two other employees working at Cuebiq and X-Mode location agencies, are evidence of this claim.

Life360 application and sales of user information

In fact, despite its high popularity, the application. Has not taken many protective measures to prevent the misuse of this sensitive information. Former employees of the company told Markup that they do not want to be named because they are still active in the industry. But because of security and privacy concerns, they have spoken about it anonymously. Both former employees of the company say that the Life360 application is one of the largest data sources for the industry.

Chris Halls, founder and CEO of Life360, said in an email to Markup questions:

We have no tools to confirm or disprove the claim that Life360 is one of the largest data sources in the industry. This data is an important part of the company’s business and allows us to provide life360 core services for most of our users for free. Some of the features of this program have helped the safety of the driver and saved many lives.

A former X-Mode engineer also claims that the raw location data the company received from Life360, and because of the large volume and accuracy of the data, this information is one of the most valuable suggestions for X-Mode. A former Cuebiq employee also joked that the company could not run its marketing campaigns without Life360 location data.

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