The Mars rocket mission to Mars got the green light

ماموریت مریخ راکت لب از ناسا چراغ سبز گرفت

Rocket Lab is one step closer to a trip to Mars with NASA approval for the Photon spacecraft mission. If all goes according to plan, two rocket launchers will be launched in 2024 and arrive on the Red Planet eleven months later to study the magnetosphere.

NASA has relied on Rocket Lab for its Martian research, and the mission, known as ESCAPADE, involves two of the company’s spacecraft. To be thrown. The initial proposal for this mission was made in 2019, and finally, after various studies, its title was finalized. Researchers at Berkeley University are key members of the mission.

In this mission, two lip rocket spacecraft are supposed to study how solar winds blow from the Martian atmosphere and its climate change. These spacecraft, called photons, travel to Mars for about a year and orbit it to complete the study.

Now with NASA approval, the lip rocket is taking a big step towards its goals and can have a serious presence in the industry. The satellites used in this mission must weigh less than 180 kg (about 400 pounds) and perform independent scientific missions. This program can be strengthened with the aim of carrying out lighter and shorter missions with the cooperation of other companies in the industry.

Since the mission was scheduled to take place, its various phases have been completed and a more mature and coherent plan has been prepared for it.

The ESCAPADE mission is one of the innovative missions that shows that advanced interplanetary science can now be accomplished at a lower cost, and the Photon spacecraft makes this possible. Peter Beck, founder and CEO of Rocket Lab, believes that the green light for NASA is a turning point in the mission of the company.

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