The members of the e-commerce commission of Nasr Organization of Tehran were identified

اعضای کمیسیون تجارت الکترونیکی سازمان نصر تهران مشخص شدند

In the second week of the elections of the commissions of the Tehran Computer Guild Organization, in the last round of today’s elections, Sunday, October 3, the elections of the e-commerce commission of the Tehran Computer Guild Organization, like other commissions, were held online. Also, Mohammad Saeed Ahmadi Pouya, Omid Aghajani, Ferdows Bagheri, Leila Mehregani and Nazanin Daneshvar became the first five people in this election.

According to the public relations of Tehran Computer Guild Organization, the elections of the e-commerce commission chaired by the secretary of the organization and with the presence of inspectors, head of information technology services, representative of Phoenix company as the operator of the online election system and other executive agents were held online and then The votes were counted.

According to the counting of votes, Mohammad Saeed Ahmadipouya with 20 votes, Omid Aghajani with 20 votes, Ferdows Bagheri and Leila Mehregani each with 19 votes and Nazanin Daneshvar with 18 votes became the first to fifth persons in this election.

Names of members of Nasr Tehran Electronic Commerce Commission

Legal entities:

1. Mohammad Saeed Ahmadi Pouya 20 votes

۲. Omid Aghajani 20 votes

3. Ferdows Bagheri 19 votes

4. Leila Mehregani 19 votes

5. Nazanin Daneshvar 18 votes

6. Nima Ashrafzadeh 17 votes

7. Mustafa Amiri 17 votes

8. Hadi Farnood 17 votes

9. Nima Mohseni 17 votes

10. Mehdi Barkhordari Firoozabadi 16 votes

۱۱. Seyed Mustafa Hosseini 16 votes

۱۲. Asghar Rezanejad 16 votes

13. Solmaz Sadeghnia 16 votes

۱۴. Manouchehr Sadri 16 votes

۱۵. Mohammad Golestani 16 votes

۱۶. Ashkan Mir Armandi 16 votes

۱۷. Mohammad Vaseqi Mehran 16 votes

۱۸. پشوتن پورپزشک 15 votes

19. Atta Khaliqi Sigaroudi 15 votes

20. Kamran Khoshi 15 votes

۲۱. Hussein Shini 15 votes

۲۲. Ali Dashti 14 votes

23. Milad Manshipour Kermani 14 votes

۲۴. Mohammad Reza Maboudian 6 votes

۲۵. Amir Hossein Ismaili 4 votes

۲۶. Mohammad Reza Kazemi 4 votes

۲۷. Ali Jalalifar 3 votes

۲۸. Vahid Hojjati 3 votes

۲۹. Masoud Matani 3 votes

30. Parviz Naseri Taheri 3 votes

31. Hassan Asadi 2 votes

32. Hamzeh Torabian 2 votes

33. Mohammad Hosseinpour 2 votes

34. Hamid Mirzabeigi 2 votes

35. Sajjad Naeemova 2 votes

It should also be noted that the e-commerce commission is composed of 33 members and the selection of 31 legal entities to be members of this commission will be done by the decision of the steering committee from among five people who have equal votes.


1. Behzad Ahmadi 2 votes

۲. Fereshteh Azarmi 2 votes

3. Bahram Haghighi 2 votes

4. Alireza Helmi 2 votes

5. Alireza Khodakarami 2 votes

6. Mehdi Razpoosh Nazari 2 votes

7. Adel Talebi 2 votes

The selection of the first and second persons of natural persons to be members of the commission will be done by the decision of the steering committee of the commission from among seven people who have equal votes.

It should also be noted that this list is the preliminary result of the election and according to paragraph three of Article 4 of the By-Laws on the Formation and Activities of Commissions, the final membership of the elected will be subject to final approval by the steering committee.

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