The Microsoft Store has opened Windows to third-party stores

مایکروسافت استور ویندوز را به روی فروشگاه‌های شخص ثالث باز کرد

Microsoft opens the Windows App Store to a larger category of applications and allows third-party stores to be present in the company’s store. With this change, Epic Games and Amazon can also come to the Windows Store.

“Giorgio Sardo,” CEO of the Microsoft Store Says“Third-party app applications, like other apps, will have their own product page, which can be found by searching or browsing the Microsoft Store. With this change, users can easily find and install these applications like other applications in this store. “Today we announce that Amazon and Epic Games will bring their app stores to the Microsoft Store in the next few months, and we look forward to welcoming other stores.”

With this change, Microsoft says, it wants to make sure that the business conditions of its products are fair and help increase innovation:

“Our commitment is to provide a store of freedom for a free platform that is not limited to technical infrastructure on how to build applications. We want to make sure our business conditions are fair and that they contribute to innovation. For example, the Microsoft Store in Windows no longer wants developers to share revenue with Microsoft if the applications have their own payment system.

“For this reason, today we are unveiling another important update to the Microsoft Store Windows policy that allows third-party store applications to be present in the Windows Store.”

The new change of Microsoft Store is announced in a situation where this store had undergone many changes with the introduction of Windows 11. Not only has the Microsoft Store evolved in appearance, but it also allows developers to keep all of the revenue generated by using alternative payment platforms. Of course, games are an exception to this rule.

Trying to support third-party stores was what Epic Games was defending against Apple, but the Cupertinos still have no plans to support those apps. Apple says third-party stores threaten the privacy and security of iOS devices.

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