The Minister of Communications attributed the criticism of the Internet slowness to the atmosphere

وزیر ارتباطات انتقادات درباره کندی اینترنت را ناشی از فضاسازی دانست

The Minister of Communications, stating that part of the criticism about the slowness of the Internet is due to the creation of space, said that the speed of the Internet is not ideal and should reach several hundred megabits per second.

“Issa Zarepour” on the sidelines of his visit tonight on the occasion of Book Week, in response to reporters’ questions about the slowness of the Internet these days, immediately tested the Internet speed with the phone of one of those present at the meeting. In this test, the internet speed was more than 16 Mbps and the ping was 28 milliseconds.

The Minister of Communications said that due to problems related to the lack of network development by operators, the speed of users across the country shows an average of 5 to 6 Mbps. Shows 8 times this value. “We are not claiming that this is the ideal speed, but we should reach tens or even hundreds of megabits per second.”

“We accept this issue and the operators are trying to address it, but part of it is due to the atmosphere,” he said, noting that some of the criticism of the Internet is slow.

Zarehpour’s remarks come as he has repeatedly asked the new head of the regulator over the past few days to Pursue the quality of communication network Be the country.

The Minister of Communications urged Sadegh Abbasi Shahkooh, the new head of the Radio Regulatory Authority, to investigate the problems of mobile communications in the next few days, inform the public about the cause, and resolve these problems as soon as possible.

In addition to these statements, Zarehpour about a month ago, Former head of the regulator With the cooperation of the CEO of the Infrastructure Company, after carefully reviewing the public reports, provided solutions to quickly resolve communication problems and inform the public about the report of executive actions.

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