The Minister of the Interior among the Mullahs: Filter the virtual space in full!

The Minister of the Interior among the Mullahs: Filter the virtual space in full!

Sardar Ahmad Vahidi (Minister of the Interior) while attending the students and clerics of the South Khorasan Seminary, announced in a statement that if the cyber space is not controlled, many young people will be massacred and they will destroy the spirit and thoughts of the people and this is a crime. It is great. In the continuation of his statements, he announced that the virtual space is completely filtered.

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How is virtual space filtering possible?

The words of the Minister of Interior were expressed while the head of the 13th government had repeatedly emphasized during the election campaigns that his government would not go towards filtering. But now we see other pulses from the Minister of Interior, Ayatollah Raisi. He further said:

The crime against humanity is not more important than the fact that it dehumanizes people, and many mercenary media are paid for by the Saudis. The internal actors of the recent events were divided into several categories and included educational people organized in a network and emotional youth who were influenced by cyberspace and big lies and social harms. It was the beginning of the movement of cultural and social enemies, which was formed with the death of #Mehsa_Amini, of course, this was an excuse. The enemies turned this issue into a political issue. The conspiratorial design of the enemy was based on the two platforms of the organized flow of troublemakers and young people with mental and intellectual problems, and you cannot make a revolution with two actors and two athletes.

He added:

Are women safe in our country, or your country, which excludes us from the women’s committee! Slavery still exists in some laws of their states. In European and American countries, many children and women are killed. Wherever these events happened, the system would be destroyed, but the Islamic system is so strong that the recent movements are like the movement of a mosquito that moves when it sits on the hand.

But perhaps the most important statement he made in the gathering of clerics was that:

Virtual space is completely filtered, although the enemies have on their agenda the creation of filter breakers.

During the national protests and since the beginning of October, two social networks, WhatsApp and Instagram, were filtered and are still filtered. These restrictions have raised the voice of protest from many internet business activists, and according to the Iranian Chamber of Commerce, great losses have been caused to the lives of 9 million people who were directly earning from it.

According to the official announcement and various reports, and following the government’s strict filtering of almost all messengers and download sites, many games and search engines have been disrupted in the ninety days since the beginning of the protests.

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