The mission date of SpaceX and NASA Crew-3 has been determined

تاریخ ماموریت Crew-3 اسپیس ایکس و ناسا مشخص شد

According to NASA, four astronauts on the Crew-3 SpaceX mission will be transferred to the International Space Station (ISS) on Saturday, November 29, from the launch site of 39 Kennedy space bases in Florida.

If the conditions are right, NASA astronauts including Raja Chari, Tom Marshbern and Kayla Baron with Matthias Maurer of the European Space Agency at 10:13 a.m. (Tehran time) on Saturday, November 29 The launch site of 39 Kennedy Space Bases in Florida will be launched. Announced date, One day earlier than NASA plans.

If the NASA mission is successful, it will be the fourth crew mission to use SpaceX’s Dragon 2 spacecraft. The spacecraft carrying the astronauts on the mission is expected to reach its destination, the International Space Station, in about 22 hours.

After arriving at the station, the astronauts will live and work with colleagues from the Crew-2 mission, which is scheduled to return to Earth in November after six months in orbit. Crew-3 mission members will also be in space for six months and will return to Earth in April 2022.

Among the mission’s crew, Marshbern is the only member to have traveled to space before. He has previously participated in two ISS missions. Chari also has extensive flight experience with the US Air Force and has served on Iraqi combat missions. Baron is also a submarine warfare officer, and both were selected by NASA in 2017.

Maurer has won several national awards for outstanding research in materials science, and in 2016 he was able to spend the day underwater, testing strategies and exploration tools for future Mars missions.

NASA’s plans do not stop after the successful launch of the Crew-3 crew, as they plan to prepare for the Crew-4 SpaceX mission to the space station on April 26, 1401. Given the current situation, the crew of this future mission includes “Kijel Ann. Lindgren and Bob Heinz of NASA, as well as Samantha Christopherty of the European Space Agency. Other crews have not yet been announced.

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