The most expensive toll in the world with a cost of $ 100 per car in Pennsylvania broke the record

The most expensive toll in the world with a cost of $ 100 per car in Pennsylvania broke the record

According to research from the Australian website Budget Direct, the toll station on a Pennsylvania highway is the most expensive toll in the world.

The toll station is located on Highway 76, a multi-state highway; The highway runs across the state of Pennsylvania, connecting east and west. If one wants to use the entire 360 ​​miles (580 km) of the highway, one would apparently have to set aside $ 112.91 for toll booths!

According to the KDKA, this figure is subject to conditions for a driver from a neighboring state to enter Pennsylvania. By deducting the relevant amount, the total figure is reduced to $ 92, which of course is a very high cost. That’s why no one crosses the entire width of the state of Pennsylvania within the lines of this highway!

Austria’s Grossglockner High Alpine Road is second only to the Pennsylvania Turnpike. Drivers must pay $ 45.43 to the operator when crossing the toll booth! That figure is even less than half the Pennsylvania Highway toll.

In an interesting move, the Budget Direct website examines and ranks the average number of tolls in different countries. At $ 26.52, Switzerland has the most expensive tolls in the world. Austria is in second place with $ 16.31 and the Faroe Islands are in third place with $ 16.28. Croatia and Denmark are in fourth and fifth place with $ 15.30 and $ 10.75, respectively.

The most expensive complications in the world
The United States ranks 11th with an average of $ 5.38, despite the huge amount of Pennsylvania Turnpike tolls

Not to mention that based on the length of the route, crossing the 2.4-kilometer Lincoln Tunnel in New York is much more expensive and costs the driver $ 16!

If we want to compare the Pennsylvania Highway tolls with other long highways, the traffic will be more expensive than the others. Specifically, it costs 31 cents per mile on the highway, compared to 8 cents per mile for the 241-mile Ohio highway. New York State’s 496-mile Thruway, the longest highway in the United States, costs 6 cents per mile.

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