The most used emojis of Iranian users in social networks

پر استفاده‌ترین ایموجی‌های کاربران ایرانی در شبکه‌های اجتماعی

Analyzing the data of Iranian users in the virtual space shows that the “laughter” emoji has been used the most by the users of the virtual space. It seems that humorous content has been used the most in social networks and messengers, where people use laughing emojis in response to it. In the following, we take a look at the most frequent emojis according to popular social networks in Iran.

According to Digiato and collaboration LifewebExamining the data of Iranian users in the virtual space, including social networks and messengers, indicates the popularity of the character “laughter (joy)”. After that, “heart”, “poker face”, “heart eye”, “pointing down” and “red circle symbol” are also the most popular emojis used in cyberspace.

But in popular social networks, which emoticons are used the most? Data mining shows that “laughing (joy)”, “crying” and “heart eyes” emojis are more popular among Twitter users.

It is interesting to know that the smiley emoji is not so popular among Instagram users. On the other hand, the characters “heart eye”, “red heart” and “green tick” are among the most popular emojis in this social network.

I have to say Beta Research Center At the end of last year, he announced that the most used emojis by Instagram users in posts are “heart eyes” and “red heart”.

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In Telegram groups, the emoji “laughter” or “joy” has been used the most, and “green tick” and “pointing down” are other frequent characters.

But the situation in Telegram channels is completely different. Due to the necessity of setting up the content and better reading for the audience, emojis of the symbol category are the most used.

The amount of users using different emoji groups

As you know, emojis have different categories and people use them according to the situation.

A survey of cyberspace users shows that emoticons and emotions are the most popular emoji categories for people. After that, “symbols” and “people and body” are in the next place.

Category of emojis

“Food and drink” and “flags” are also among the least used emojis in cyberspace.

Finally, we take a look at the most used emojis in each category, as expected, the smiley emoji is the most popular in the emoticons and emotions group. “Heart” and “Heart Eye” are also in the next positions.

The most used emojis in each category

In the category of people and bodies, the characters “pointing down”, “walking man” and “confirmation sign” are the most used. “Green tick” in the category of symbols, “Rose” in the category of animals and nature, “Fire” in the category of travel and places, “Bag of money” in the category of objects, “Peach” in the category of food and drink and “Flag of Iran” in the category Flags are the most popular emoji in different categories.

It should be noted that you can easily use existing applications. Special emojis Design and use your own.

Share with us the three emojis you use the most in the comments section.

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