The new ADATA memory cards are three times faster than current models

The new ADATA memory cards are three times faster than current models

ADATA has developed a new generation of SD memory cards that are extremely fast compared to current models.

Taiwanese company ADATA, which specializes in developing storage hardware such as DRAM module and NAND flash memory, has introduced a new generation of cards called “SD Express” Developed data Which will arrive in the spring of next year. According to the manufacturer, these cards are capable of reading data at 824 speeds and writing at 410 MB per second, which is approximately 2.6 times the maximum speed of the current UHS-II and UHS-III models.

SD Express benchmark

ADATA uses the recently released SD7.0 specification to achieve this speed, which includes the use of high-speed PCIe and NVM3 interfaces. This standard was introduced by the “SD Association” due to the growing need of users to store content and transfer them to memory card-based systems, and its purpose is to increase the speed of these storage devices.

Using both PCIe and NVM3 interfaces previously used in SSDs makes it possible to increase the speed of SD Express cards by up to 300%. Thanks to these interfaces, the transfer rate of SSDs is significantly higher than that of hard drives.

Because this method requires more pins, this speed can only be achieved on devices equipped with an SD 7.0 card slot. However, the new ADATA cards will still be usable on older devices, so there is no need to worry about transferring files stored in SD Express to existing devices.

ADATA did not provide further information on the specifications of SD Express cards or their prices, but we will see their release next spring.

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