The new AORUS gaming computer with the same design as the Xbox X series was introduced

کامپیوتر گیمینگ جدید AORUS با طراحی مشابه ایکس باکس سری X معرفی شد

AORUS, GIGABYTE COMPUTER GAMING COMPANY Model S 12th Gaming Mini PC Introduced that equipped with a processor «Alder Lake Desktop» Intel And graphics chip RTX 3070 Nvidia And its design to X Box Series X Is similar.

It is worth mentioning that the use of Xbox design language in the market of gaming PCs has become very common and the first company to take such a step NZXT Was. Now, apparently, AORUS has followed the same path, although the design of this device may be similar to an Xbox X series, but without a doubt, more powerful hardware than the console Microsoft has it.

Specifications of AORUS Gaming Computer

New AORUS product From Intel processor Core i7-12700K benefits. The motherboard of this product is also based on chips Z690 Made with sockets LGA 1700Also allows for hardware updates, although this requires restrictions.Thermal design powerHe also considered the device.

In this product of the graphics card RTX 3070 Nvidia Geoffors With dedicated cooling system GIGABYTERAM 32 GB DDR5-4800 With 2 terabytes Storage space M.2 SSD (Generation 4) It has been Equipped.

The AORUS gaming computer also has a power supply 750 watts By standard 80 Plus GoldTwo ports HDMIThree display ports, two ports USB Type-A With port LAN Ethernet 2.5GbE As well as two ports SMA (2T2R) Next to dual audio ports and a key Q-Flash Plus Is.

All this in a body with physical dimensions 190 At 189 At 400 They are located in millimeters, which are slightly larger than the physical dimensions 151 At 151 At 301 The X-Series is the Xbox console. In fact this product is only approx 10 mm Taller than Playstation 5 Is.

It should be noted that the AORUS S Mini PC has a vertical cooling system for the best cooling of its hardware, in which the main processor units to one Central heating sink They are connected to a copper base and this structure cools the device with the help of pipes and 2 impellers at the top and bottom of the heat sink.

In the end, although the AORUS Model S looks great, unfortunately there is no information on the release date or price yet, it still seems that AORUS is a similar model of the same model based on the processor. Ryzen 9 5900X Construction AMD Also offer.

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