The new generation of augmented reality glasses are introduced with translation and orientation features

نسل جدید عینک‌های واقعیت افزوده با ویژگی‌های ترجمه و جهت‌یابی معرفی می‌شوند

Google At the I/O 2022 event, by showing an introductory prototype of the Augmented reality glasses (AR) announced the return of this product in the form of a new generation. Now, according to the available news, the search engine giant is apparently ready to test this product in the real world, focusing on the features Translation, transliteration And To navigation will start next month.

According to “Juston Payne”, the director of the production group in the department AR And VR Google, field tests It helps them To gain a better understanding of the uses of this product in people’s daily lives, this also allows factors such as weather or busy intersections not to be forgotten while developing experiences such as AR navigation.

Of course, these field tests will be done by a few dozen limited people, which only include Google employees and trusted testers. Although the prototypes used in the mentioned tests have a normal appearance, Camera, Microphone And In-lens displays They will be equipped for Google to evaluate all audio and visual items.

Additional information from the field test of Google’s augmented reality glasses

Despite referring to the camera and microphone, it should be said that these features will be limited in Google’s augmented reality glasses, this product is not able to record photos or videos, but Google can translate text and display directions using image data.

It should be noted that these audiovisual data will be deleted after the end of use, unless they are to be used for analyzing and fixing bugs.

However, if Google needs the said information, it will remove their sensitive items such as faces and license plates from the said data. Also, this company generally collects image data used in research cases after 30 days clears

The start of field tests of Google's augmented reality glasses

In the end, it must be said that Google glasses were not as successful as the company expected, now it seems that this giant of the technology world intends to compensate for the next generation of this product, and therefore does not rush on things such as pre-release tests, from According to Justin Payne, this project is in the early stages and no timetable has been established for its release yet.

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