The new generation of SpaceX cargo capsule landed successfully

The new generation of SpaceX cargo capsule landed successfully

The first model of the new generation of SpaceX cargo capsules successfully landed after automatically separating from the space station.

Dragon cargo capsule at 17:35 on Tuesday from the space station Was separatedAfter a 36-hour journey, Ross landed in the “Gulf of Mexico” at 04:56 Tehran time.

The capsule, which is a new generation of SpaceX spacecraft, will carry a 3-ton payload, including astronauts’ supplies, as well as scientific and research items, including a remodel of the anti-virus drug Remedisweir, as part of the CRS-21 mission. He had taken it with him to the space station.

The capsule is based on Cro Dragon and in addition to more open space and the ability to carry more load, due to the special structure of the body, it is also able to stay in space for a longer period of time. The capsule also does not require a robotic arm to connect to the space station like the previous generation and automatically connects to the module.

On its return voyage, the unmanned capsule also brought a 2-ton payload containing research equipment to Earth, and after landing at sea, it was flown by helicopter to the Kennedy Space Center within six hours.

The capsule cargo includes a variety of fiber optic cables produced under microgravity conditions to heart tissue cells tested in the ISS. Another advantage of the new generation of landing capsules in the Gulf of Mexico instead of the Pacific Ocean is that it reduces the time of shipment to the laboratory; This is a critical issue for NASA and companies researching the impact of space on different materials.

SpaceX also deployed a manned version of the Dragon capsule to the space station, which transferred four astronauts to the base two months ago on a “Crew-1” mission.

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