The new Google Messages update made it possible to display the emoji of iMessage reactions

آپدیت جدید Google Messages نمایش ایموجی واکنش‌های iMessage را ممکن کرد

The new update of the Google Messages app allows Android users to see the emoji of the reactions received through the iMessage app in iOS in a more appropriate way. Previously, these reactions were communicated to the user by text.

This update solves one of the old problems of Android users with the reactions received through the iMessage app in iOS. In the past, if an iPhone user used an emoji to respond to an Android user’s message, the reaction would be displayed with text on the Android device. But now this is a problem Removed And Android users can view the reactions as emojis.

The images released from the performance example of this change clearly show that the reaction emoji is attached to the message itself, as if it was sent by the user with the Google Messages app. Now if you tap the emoji reaction, a small window will appear on the screen announcing that the reaction was received and translated from an iPhone.

But the strange thing is that some reactions in iOS translate with different emojis in Android. For example, the heart emoji on the iPhone becomes the heart’s emoji. In addition, it allows iPhone users to change their reaction. This will also change the emoji in Google Messages.

Unfortunately, this feature is not yet available to all users and even some of those who use the latest beta version of Google Messages do not see it. If you do not have access to this feature, you will have to wait for the full step-by-step release.

With this update, the communication gap between Android and iOS users will be somewhat reduced and people will be able to interact with each other more easily than before. But there is still a long way to go for Android to support all the iMessage features in its operating system.

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